Weather and Swell

Cabana Surf and stay strives in giving customers a place to call home in their surfing adventure. We are offering a unique place of accomodation for surfers.

Mandiri Beach

This picturesque slice of coast produces consistent break waves throughout the main surf season. There tend to be two main areas along the beach that can deliver good quality left and right tubes. It’s a bit of a swell magnet and a good option, especially when it’s around head high. Best surfed early as it’s often wind affected by mid-morning.

Ujuung Bocur Beach

South Sumatra most consistent and certainly most popular wave peels for more than 200 meters offering a wealth of sections for every surfer. The further outside corner produces the heaviest section, where a decent barrel can be had. Beyond this section is 100 meters of fun feathering lips, ideal for practicing various top turns and round house cut-backs. The end section will offer a closeout – that isn’t sketchy in the slightest. The wave breaks on all tides and is shallower and hollower at low tide. Watch out for sea urchins at low tide.

Way Jambu

Way Jambu also known as Sumatran Pipeline is a world class left hand reef break. Offers numerous barrel sections, with rides up to 150m in length when it’s working. Best on an incoming mid to high tide. Be prepared for a heavy take-off in front of a very shallow reef. Certainly for experts only, this wave will punish you if you make a mistake. Generally only surfed by body boarders and chargers and is rarely crowded. Best from 4-6' with stand-up barrels on bigger days.

The Peak

More of a body boarders wave, this reef slab is a wide open (in and out) pit. Close to the shore and easily accessible. It’s certainly a quality wave but being so short is its downfall. Based just outside the town of Krui, it’s one of the few waves in the area that when it works can get crowded quite easily. It needs to be at least head high at Ujung Bocur before considering the journey north.

Krui Left

Krui Left is a super fun perfect barreling wave found in the town of Krui. It can be one of the finest waves in the area when it’s working. Although shallow, the paddle out is very easy and there isn’t a tricky inside section to deal with. Sadly it’s one of the more fickle waves in the region and only breaks a handful of times all season. Large south swells tend to roll past the bay missing it completely, leaving only swells with some west in them to offer a glimmer of lighting this wave up.

Krui Right

Krui Right is at the other end of the beach across from the left. It’s also a great wave but yet again is inconsistent. In fact it’s probably the most fickle wave in the region, so don’t expect to score this wave during your stay. Again, like the left, the paddle out is very easy and there isn’t a tricky inside section to deal with. Feel very blessed if you score this rarely surfed gem.


Leftovers is a heavy slab found to the south of The Peak. Although rarely crowded, a small pack of body boarders will usually dominate the line-up at this heavy reef break. Close to the shore, the wave is easily accessible. It’s certainly a quality wave but suited for advanced surfers only. The inside also gets shallow.

Jennys Right

About 30 minutes north of Krui, this fun right hander delivers rides of around 100 meters in length. It’s most consistent between November and April as it’s off shore on a North West wind. Jenny’s offers a bit of everything - from decent barrel sections to big open faces. Unlike many of the areas breaks, this waves entry (although steep) is relatively easy. Once on the wave various sections are on offer - depending on the size of swell and its direction. The end section will always closeout – and can be pretty shallow but easily avoidable. There’s also a keyhole that guarantees a dry haired paddle out.

Jimmys Left

Not quite as heavy as its neighboring right hander – it’s still a very hollow wave. Certainly for advanced surfers and body boarders only. Handles huge swells up to double over head and bigger but probably best at 4-6 feet on the mid tide. It gets perfect – with grinding barrels on the take-off before peeling down the line for around 80 meters before closing out on the gnarly inside bowl. Jimmy’s left will certainly provide a beating from hell or the barrel of your life. Often wind affected due to its exposure to the trade wind. So arrive early.

Jimmys Right

Jimmy's is located to the very north of the regions known surf breaks. Resembling backdoor pipe, the wave is very consistent, very heavy, very fast & very perfect. Throwing as wide as the barrel is tall, this thick lipped right hander delivers absolute flawless tubes before closing out over razor sharp reef on the inside. If it was closer to the areas main waves (and camps) & you took away the sketchy inside section, this wave would be surfed a lot more. But as it stands it never is.

Honey Smacks

Located about 1 hour north of Krui in the Northern most part of the surf region, Honey Smacks is a favorite for boogie boarders and advanced surfers. Late take-offs guaranteed, this wedgey left hander will sling shot any takers into some of the thickest waves in the area. Often compared to mini Teahupo'o this is a body boarder’s heaven, offering reeling tubes from head high through to the biggest of swells that hit the coastline.