Exploring The Hidden Gem of South Sumatra:
Krui, The Emerging Surfing Destination

July 3, 2017

As one of the biggest islands in Indonesia, Sumatra has diverse natural beauties to bring. There is a wealth of exotic and challenging experience to be enjoyed by its visitors. To name a few, there are well-known Toba Lake and Lawang Hill from the northern Sumatra, or Nias Island and Mentawai Island from the western side.

While the orangutans and the chilled lakeside vibe draw a regular flow, Nias and Mentawai islands can be expensive or difficult to reach, the southern region of Sumatra can also bring some spectacular and interesting offers. Clinging to Sumatra’s southern coast, there is a place called Krui, an excellent option for savvy wave-riders who searches for surfing adventures. In addition to that, this place also rewards the non-surfing travelers with its laid-back scene beaches.

Located in the capital of west coast district, South Sumatra, Krui is a hidden paradise in remote region, carrying strong waves straight from the vast of Indian Ocean. Ultimate surfers search for its tremendous and exciting waves, which comes along with stunning view and pristine beaches. Moreover, Krui has a stunning beauty for surfers and sea lovers with less crowded beach.

There are two options to reach Krui, the first one is by flight connection from Bandar Lampung Airport to Pekon Serai or Taufik Kiemas Airport, and it only takes thirty minutes to reach the beach. On the other side, it is quite a journey to get here by land, with around five hours from the nearest airport at Bandar Lampung, but relax in the knowledge that you’ll be amazed with its fantastic scenery, and you will only share the experience with just a smattering of like-minded travelers. Within your five-hour travel, undergo and witness the beautiful nature of this area, as you may find lovely sight during the land trip that surely will make your travel experience worthier.

Krui itself has white sands that sweep on its coast north and south, with meandering coastline is dotted with surf breaks that draw an increasing number of intrepid board riders. The main surf season runs from April to November (high season) with the Roaring Forties send plenty of 6-12ft (2-4 m) swells. Off-season (mid-November to late March) is rarely flat because of the Southern Ocean’s ability to produce constant swells in the 2-6ft (0.6-2 m) range. Krui is also provided by a basic infrastructure foundation that still can be further developed as the priority to tourist attraction in Indonesia. This promising land, offers accommodation that ranges from beachside guest house and comfortable surf lodges with the front row views of its famous breaks. Travelers may sit back, enjoy and relax the view, as some can dip into the ocean, playing with its exceptional breaks or diving to encounter marine lives and beautiful corals.

Krui is the choice for both adventure and relaxation seekers. It is the perfect destination for travelers who are looking for playful, challenging, and uncharted waves, yet still very pure, warm and original.

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