Krui, Indonesia to Host World Surf League Asia Region’s First Qualifying Series 1,000 Even


The World Surf League (WSL) recently announced the re-launching of the WSL Japan region as WSL Asia, with headquarters remaining in Japan but expanding the region’s purview to include China, Indonesia, the Maldives, the Philippines, South Korea, India, Taiwan, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and more. The WSL is continuing to develop and promote the Asia region with this inaugural event in Indonesia, the Krui Pro 2017.

The Krui Pro 2017 support both men’s and women’s divisions in this Qualifying Series (QS) 1,000 event, which held in the wave-rich West Coast of South Sumatra from April 15-20, 2017 at a left-hand point break known locally as Ujung Bocur near the town of Krui.

Arguably the most consistent and varied wave in the area, Ujung Bocur can hold massive swells as well as offer up a competitor’s dream mix of barrels, steep walls, and air sections in small and medium conditions. This event was the first time ever that a professional international surfing competition has been held in the South Sumatra area.

Indonesia unquestionably has some of the best waves and some of the most exciting and talented surfers in the world, and where the local governments realize that they have the potential to grow tourism in their area from the never ending supply of waves rolling from the Indian Ocean, a WSL surf competition is the ideal way to tell the world about it,” Tim continued. “International surfers love coming to Indonesia, so joining in a WSL event provides them the perfect reason to come and compete as well as free surf after the competition.

Events such as the Krui Pro 2017 grow the surfing community in Indonesia and in Asia, and provide a pathway for Asian surfers to someday compete in the World Championship Tour (WCT), the highest level of professional surfing. This event also aims to expose Krui to the international audience in order to grow tourism in the area.

The Krui Pro 2017 has great field of international surfers already signed up to attend, both men and women, from countries including Australia, Japan, The Philippines, Brazil, News Zealand, and of course Indonesia.

Regent Agus Istiqlal of the West Coast Regency of South Sumatra and sponsor of the event has stated his full support. “As the regent of this area I’m very proud that we can host the Krui Pro international surfing competition this April, and we are ready to welcome the surfers from all over the world. On behalf of our community here, I want to thank the WSL and its surfers in advance for coming, and we await your arrival with excitement.”

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