Cabana Surf and Stay intends to be a Humble place near to the heart

Cabana intends to be a humble place that is near to the heart of not only the surfers but also its neighbourhood.

About Krui?

Krui is a rare town, situated between thick forest, meandering coastline and volcanic mountains; Krui saw a small dip in popularity since the ‘90s but has since steadily gained steam both as a resort town and a popular destination for surfing.

Krui gives you a glimpse of what the traditional Indonesia is all about. The landscape is covered with rice fields and cozy villages that offer both classics Indonesia cuisine and unique local architecture. You’ll find yourself miles away from hectic traffic and high tempo, which makes this the perfect place for your summer getaway.

Clinging to Sumatra’s southern coast, Krui’s palm trees and laid-back beaches offer many opportunities for active and adventurous travelers. Superb snorkelling showcases a diverse and colorful underwater seascape, while above the water, challenging surf breaks draw bold board-riders from around the world. On land, trekking and wildlife watching all combine in a landscape of rugged peaks and tropical jungles.

What's Nearby

Unjung Bocur at Tanjung Setia, 20 min from the town of Krui.

Ding Repair

Don’t worry if on the trip your board get scarred, we can take your board to the best ding repair in town, or you can take it yourself for the sake of witnessing their experienced hands.

Pesisir barat

Pulau Pisang

Pulau Pisang or also known as Banana Island lies only minutes away from Krui with both right and left-hand reef breaks.

West Lampung Regency

Labuhan Jukung Beach

Labuhan Jukung Beach is one of tourist attraction that must be visited by the traveler. Located in Pekon Kampung Jawa, this Beach has a breathtaking sea view and colorful boats.

Kampung nelayan

Kampung Nelayan Kuala Stabas Krui

Located in Krui market village, this place is a boat berth and fish trade centres. The fish market provides a wide selection of fresh fish directly from the sea. P.S. you should try the famous Marlin fish!

Our Purpose

We aim for sustainable urban development for the region of Krui, impacting the whole area within many sectors; hospitality, commodity, access to education while leveraging dignity and socioeconomic level for its community



Gateway in promoting and developing surfing destinations in Indonesia.


Provides a top-notch accommodation for international and national surfing aficionados who seek an island getaway experience with top quality service and accommodation.


The best place to stay to experience its respective destination has to offer


Cabana Surf and Stay offers a one of a kind product, better vibes, best location, top-notch service, competitive price, and flexible booking.


Cabana Surf and Stay is the best choice for surfing accommodation with its hybrid brand approach of athlete and adventurer, while maintaining top-notch service, competitive price and humble imaginary of collaboration with its surrounding and neighbourhood.


Cabana Surf and Stay offers to customers a taste what the real surf life styles are all about.


Help to develop the local economy by offering jobs to the local.


Cooperate with exposure of new talents in the area such as painters, musicians, chef, etc.


Build up partnerships with companies that have similar concepts with Cabana Surf and Stay – such as originality, marketing images.


Breakthrough into the market by developing new concepts and unique marketing strategies.